StratoGator for Microsoft Azure

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Compare Azure Stacks and Save

StratoGator is your leading edge Cloud Computing Comparsion tool with the best-in-class environment matching, automated data migration, instant price alerts, and top-grade security and compliance features. Our Cloud Service Brokerage Platform aggregates top tier cloud providers in the Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) space as we compare each provider across three pillars: cost, management, and reporting.

The result? Finally, Channel Partners have a user-friendly centralized marketplace that streamlines operations, increases efficiency, and enables you to reduce overhead by up to 30-40%.

Azure upload, comparison, and management using AzureGator

Our cloud service brokerage site is the best place for top tier cloud providers in the Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) space. Now, Channel Partners will be able to aggregate and compare options based on the three main pillars of cost, management, and reporting.

Optimize Your Cloud Spend

  • Turn up the processing power and keep it local.
  • Select the best Azure stack to meet your processing needs paired with the nearest Azure data center for your geographic region.

Take control of your budget

  • Pick the Azure stack that matches your ideal price point.Adapt at a moment’s notice.
  • Instant price change alerts that enable you to migrate to the best environment at the best price.

Easy migration

Our automated guide helps you map your current hardware to an optimized cloud cluster.

Right size your cloud

Upload your system resources and we’ll match your current infrastructure to the best set of Azure cloud systems.

You now have the ability to reduce overhead by 30-40%. Request a live demo & get started today!