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StratoGator Frequently Asked Questions

MSP, VAR, SI, ISV (Direct/1 Tier)
Login to azure.stratogator.com and click on CLOUD MATCH – it’s that simple!
Server name (Excel file upload), CPU, memory and disk space.
You can use the portal to manage and monitor all of the usage that is happening inside of Azure yourself or select additional services offered by StratoGator. You will have full brokerage of the platform.
In the past, this could have taken a week…now, you can move to the cloud in minutes!

As a Tier 1 CSP, your existing support model is tied into the system.

You bill the customer on-demand according to your desired billing schedule.

2% of the overall customer cost savings on a monthly basis.

Snap Frequently Asked Questions

MSP, VAR, SI, ISV (Direct/1 Tier)

This is your portal; you control all of the account details.

Roughly 20 minutes.

Your global admin who is set up in Microsoft’s Partner Center. You will need your Global Admin ID number.

Yes, you can add them through ACCOUNT tab and set their roles.

Today, you will have the choice to bill on any one day of the month. Whatever day you select is the day that all of your customers will be billed. Example: You choose to bill on the 1st of every month, the billing statements will be compiled for you to email/send out.

Use the integrated Support options in the StratoGator or Snap application, or email snap.support@stratogator.com
 Additional questions? Check out our knowledge base.